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Nowadays, the Arabian peninsula (and a lot of the land around it which is lumped in with it because it is A: Muslim (never mind what branch), and B: looks a bit sandy) seems to be a rich source of terrorists and people burning American flags.

Ironically, before the 9/11 attacks, Arabs were still acceptable targets in a lot of Western media, being stereotyped as obnoxious : "The Arab is a bit flash - he'll buy a Sierra Cosworth and replace the headlamps with chandeliers.

Expect anyone from Scotland to use weird insults, insist on wearing kilts, play bagpipes, and to be very aggressive.

If they're portrayed positively, expect them to be loud, and your typical Proud Warrior Race Guy.

For most of America's history, blacks were considered an acceptable ethnic target (see Minstrel Shows, Once Acceptable Targets).

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If they weren't the Big Bad, they were usually Psychos For Hire, and visually portrayed in a manner bordering on that of the Evil Albino (which isn't even accurate, since many Boers have fairly swarthy complexions from having lived for centuries in a semitropical climate).White Anglo-Saxon Protestant males Whites, being the vast majority of Americans, are the group that are supposedly the least discriminated against, but actually there is quite a lot (the way white people are portrayed or mocked would cause outrage if done to other ethnic groups). Irish-Americans Cast as being in the seat of white privilege (which means, of course, that they're Catholic Celts who are considered WASPs), and still obsessed with their heritage and worse days that may or may not have existed.Ironically, this opens the door to the old Nash stereotypes like untenably large families, alcoholism, and elaborate wakes, since rather than even making fun of the stereotypes, it's making fun of the self-serving reification of the stereotypes.when Karen mentioned her boss was away on business in the Philippines: "I like Filipinos; they're Asian, but they're not cocky about it." Then there are all the jokes about Filipino foreign workers caricatured as being practically everywhere.Not to mention all the mail-order brides and prostitutes jokes that always seem to pop up.

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