Validating reloaded windows vista

The problem on my Dell is when attempting to download the "Windows Updates".When bringing up the "update" windows, it first runs their validation software where you get the "twirling arrow" in the center of the page, presumably interrogating the user's computer.I have disks for SP1, SP2 and SP3 which I purchased directly from Microsoft.

Is it a case of the validation process not running, or are you getting the 'not legal' pop up2. I'm wondering if it was an e Bay purchase, whether the product key accompanying it has since been blacklisted.

Indeed it was virtually hours before the initial updates kicked in. It's my own half-baked theory that there are probably a couple of GBs-worth of updates to download and process and nothing kicks in until these are indexed and assimilated, before they show up as being available.

Could also be that MS has deliberately limited the available bandwith, hence they take way longer to download than previously. I did not attempt to activate the XP re-install after the initial installation from the Windows disk because of a "catch 22" that I was in.

My computers are on a wireless home network and to access the internet (for the purpose of activation), the connection between the computer and the wirless router has to first be "set up".

When attempting to run the setup software for the router without SP3 installed, a message appears saying that, in order to run the setup software, the computer must have SP3 installed.

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