Updating database in asp

We compile factual information about adult films and, by extension, the performers who appear in them.

It's not our policy to to remove profiles that we know are accurate.

If there are movies you didn't appear in that are listed, we are more than happy to make those corrections.

If the years active is incorrect by more than a year, let us know and we can adjust the titles that were released after you left the business.

The sad fact of the matter is this: removing a profile from our site won't actually accomplish anything.

If you've made it our site, then you've made it to the rest of the internet, and there's no putting that toothpaste back in the tube.

We're adding new galleries every day, so check back often.

We have entered into partnerships with some of the Net's leading retailers to bring you information close to home.

The more information about the movie you can provide the better, as the longer it takes us to research a title, the longer it might take to get the movie listed.and, as much as it pains me to say it, posting nudie pictures aren't worth that to us.But, we're trying to do the next best thing and provide you with off-site links to galleries of your favorite performers.Likewise, if the credit on the picture is incorrect, please let us know that as well. If it's there in the movies, it has a chance of getting listed depending on the thoroughness of the working editor.Primarily, we're a MOVIE database, not a PERFORMER database. If it's submitted by a fan of the performer and the working editor trusts the submitter, it gets listed.

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