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That's fine - CBS is working with time constraints and have to tell the best narrative available.

However, Jalapao has been portrayed as a go-with-the-flow tribe, filled with likable characters lacking in strategery. Read/listen to the below interview to find out why. Castaway Interview: Spencer Duhm Remember the first time you saw Survivor?

Some people thought it came across like I was ashamed of it, but that was not the case at all. Gordon: So, whats it like for someone whos been watching Survivor since he was 10 years old to get the call to come on the show? During the challenges, even the weight-holding challenges we were like, Really? Coach would be much better, but Coach kept backing down from challenges.

Gordon: Now I understand that you werent originally cast, you were an alternate. Spencer: You have no idea what the adrenaline was like when they handed me my buff. All these things added up, and I kicked his butt in the basketball challenge.

We had a chance to discuss JTs tooth, Jeff Probsts evil prank, and the truth behind the all-male alliance that we never saw. When I went down to the water to talk to JT, they were still really upset about the challenge. We had a guy alliance from day two, and when I tried to make an alliance with Joe and Sydney they thought I was being sneaky. Spencer: Well, we re-upped the guy alliance as the priority alliance in the tribe, and we were getting ready to get rid of the girls.

Joe went and told Sydney it was going to be either me or her, so they should turn on me.

However, as is constantly the case with Survivor, last night's episode didn't tell the whole story.

According to Spencer, who we had the chance to speak with this morning, there was a lot more going on behind the scenes than the viewing audience was privy to.

Todd confirmed the relationship in an to After Elton, saying he met the Survivor Tocantins cast member about a month before his season began last fall and said, I was attracted to him the moment I saw him, mainly because hes got this confidence that pours out of him and a piercing stare that you cant help but notice so I went fishing!

During our conversation in Brazil, which happened after they initially met, Spencer talked about Todd and praised his game play but dissed him when he was talking about not wanting to appear like previous gay cast members (I wont be Todd).

Although Todd told After Elton that they are doing the take it slow thing which I find to be really nice, he also said we are planning a huge trip this summer.

We wanted to keep Brendan going every time so we would know where the idol is on their tribe.

Gordon: Help us to get to know your tribemates a little better.

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