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[Up to 1834] [After 1834] [Staff] [Inmates] [Records] [Bibliography] [Links] Ormskirk's first workhouse dates from 1732 (Hitchcock, 1985).

A parliamentary report of 1777 recorded local workhouses in operation in Ormskirk (for up to 114 inmates), Aughton (114 inmates), and Melling with Cunscough (50 inmates).

Later Additions: Ainsdale (1894-1925), Southport (1894-1930). The population falling within the union at the 1831 census had been 30,568 with parishes and townships ranging in size from Bispham (population 256) to Ormskirk itself (4,251).

A new Ormskirk Union workhouse was built in 1851-3 on a site at the south side of the Wigan Road in Ormskirk.

Bronze Age man was the first to leave a permanent mark, with the track known as The Portway probably being established about 3000 years ago.

Leading members of their society were buried singly beneath earth and stone mounds (tumuli or round barrows) that were stripped of their contents long ago.

It was designed by William Culshaw who was also the architect of much larger workhouses for the Toxteth Park and West Derby Unions. The following collection of remarkable photos, dating from the early 1900s, paint a vivid portrait of the workhouse and its inmates and staff.

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The Romans left no marks but passed through the Stretton Valley on their journey between Uriconium (Wroxeter) and Caerleon giving us the "Street" (Watling Street) from which Church Sretton gets its name.

Here in the summer months sheep were grazed on the hills and a small settlement on the top of the hill could keep watch for raiders and drive the sheep into the confines and safety of the stockade when necessary.

Up to this time most of the hills were an oak forest and just glades were used for grazing animals.

Instead these are held by the COMMONERS who are owners of agricultural land in the parishes surrounding the Long Mynd.

88 people have registered rights to graze on the hill, of whom about 17 actually exercise them.

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