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He choked her for a while, then pulled his cock out completely, only to stuff it back after a second or two.

He didn't remove her skirt; well it wasn't much of a hindrance.

He started smearing her face with the mixture of spit and pre-cum that was sticking to his cock. When she looked back towards Joginder, she shook her head. The view he had was so kinky that he feared about his cock. She was standing before him, blocking half of the TV, her hair tied in a ponytail. Her blue skirt was pulled upwards up to her midriffs, completely exposing her shaved vagina and smooth, silky legs. Their lips danced together once again, biting and sucking and licking.

Tom will chase Jerry and I will stretch the kitty...! Joginder glanced towards the TV after making his statement and saw that some other show was airing. Riya quickly looked up, startled by his voice, and looked back once again, taking her time, this time. This confident, bubbly, teasing bitch was intimidated and dazed! "Look up," ordered he, at once, "into my eyes." And she followed, but averted her eyes after a second or two. She was about to groan but the sound got drowned as he placed his lips on her and started kissing her passionately. He knew it must be hard for her, not moaning at all, standing in front of him silently. As soon as she moaned, he bit her nipple very hard.

She was sitting directly on his crotch, his penis sticking directly to her pussy, through layers of clothes. She tried to pull away, but his strategically place hand didn't allow her to.

She was clutching it even when he entered her for the first time. Not only that, Riya was grinding her buttock, very slowly, on his hard on. Riya turned towards him and kissed his lips without any warning. Plus, she gave him a get-out-of-the-jail-for-free card with her 'kitty' sentence! He was going to use this Bengali teen to his fullest desire. It was turning red and soon it would turn purple, he knew that.

Watching his younger daughter naked, clutching her brown teddy bear excited him much more than any aphrodisiac could. That's when he realized that he was hard once again. She kissed the tip, the base, the head; but she didn't take him in her mouth. It was time to show that he was the daddy dom and not the submissive, embarrassed kid. There would be no marks on her cheek for her to explain but the slap was firm enough to leave her dazed. "Shut up and suck my cock." He held the back of her head and forced the cock inside her mouth. Joginder knew his cock was abnormally thick, but he also knew that she will get a habit of it, like his daughters did.

And that's what turned Joginder on like some mad man! The kohl-lined fuck-me eyes begged Joginder to fuck her. Once out, she started jerking it, kissing it lightly once in a while. " she giggled and licked the underside of his dick."Your kitty will fulfill all your desires! And Joginder didn't like getting teased when it came to blowjob.

She gagged once again and Joginder pulled his cock out. "I like choking a tease like you," Joginder answered now. It was amazing to see that though her mouth was stretched, she avoided scrapping his penis with her teeth.

He was their dominant daddy, not some embarrassed boy!

" She sounded as if she was an adult and he was a kid!

"I asked what the name of this show is," he said, loudly. Pulling it, pinching it, rolling it, pushing it inside her soft boobs, he continued playing with her nipples. "Ahhh-aiieeee" Her moan of lust turned into a scream of horror.

Riya followed his eyes, glanced back at the screen for a moment and then resumed looking at her toes. He moved his mouth to the other one, busying his fingers on the recently abandoned wet nipple. He sucked her nip hard and then held it lightly between his teeth, licking the tip.

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