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21): Be conservative with financial resources or your guaranty of others' financial promises.Stay out of all such negotiations, particularly with kinfolk.Among Atlas' feats of strength was pulling a 145,000 railway observation car 100 feet along a track after six section hands had failed to budge it On keeping fit over the years Atlas says: "If you've got to take a drink, take one or two.I don't think my girl recognized me in my new build, but the bully remembered me and I'll never forget the look of fright in his eyes.m 48, JOYCE CHEN COOKS: Featuring Chinese delicacies.m., 43, THE PLAY OF THE WEEK: "Archy and Mehitabel" Tammv Grimes and Eddie Bracken star In a musical about an amorous cockroach and his love for a wanton alley cat Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words.Later, I saw an ad in a Captain America comic book, it extolled the value of dynamic tension and it was endorsed by Charles Atlas.

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They were sitting under a beach umbrella holding hands and subject of NBC's first installment of "First Tuesday," a monthly program with a news magazine format which premieres at 9 p.Tactful disengagement from discussions of money remains your best course.22-Jan-19): Travel, however much off the rush hour it may be, is especially hazardous!IN THE COURSE of an interview with NBC's Sander Vanocur, Atlas said that the premise on which the mtglzlne ads are btsed actually occurred at Coney Island, N.Guests: Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, inpressionist Frank Gorshln.

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