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In determining the support amount, the Guidelines take into account the parties' income, the number of parenting days each parent will spend with the children, which parent is covering the child's health insurance premium, and other factors.While courts can deviate from the Guidelines, they usually do not.The public policy interest here is that the State does not want divorce laws to be used as tools to impoverish a former spouse simply out of spite, potentially forcing the ex-spouse to seek state aid needlessly.Myth 4: Spousal support (formerly known as "alimony") is automatic in divorce cases, especially if the couple has been married a long time.Reality - Any time the parties cannot agree as to who will be the primary residential parent, the judge will engage in what is called a "comparative fitness" analysis between the parties, where he or she will weigh a number of factors and determine which parent serving as the primary residential parent will be in the children's overall best interest.But simply being a woman, in and of itself, neither helps nor hurts.

As a practical matter, unless the parties mutually agree to something else, or there are other extenuating circumstances, "fair and equitable" translates into a roughly equal division of the property and debt.The public policy notion is that the money belongs to the children and therefore neither parent can bargain it away.Myth 3: If a divorcing couple agrees to a division of property and debt, the court will automatically adopt the agreement.Myth 2: Divorcing parents can simply agree to an amount of child support that the alternative residential parent pays to the primary residential parent.Reality - Tennessee's Child Support Guidelines set forth what the child support obligation for each of the two parents will be.

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