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Some have accused Mormonism of preaching white supremacy.One Mormone doctrine that is not publicly talked about is that if you have dark skin and convert to Mormonism, your skin will become white.

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The Earth is 7,000 Years Old While there has been no official statement made by the LDS church stating the age of the planet, many Mormons believe that planet earth is thousands of years old as opposed to the billions of years that is widely accepted by the world of science.While every religion has its own beliefs, traditions and customs that seem somewhat unbelievable to outsiders and non-believers, the Mormons have their fair share of unique values.What makes the Mormon beliefs particularly out of the ordinary is that Mormons dedicate so much time and energy trying to help non-Mormons.However, many Mormons have pointed out in the comments section that the article is too heavily focused upon things that believe about the Mormon religion which, these people claim, are mostly entirely untrue.Since the publication of this article, we’ve had a constant barrage of people within the Mormon religion attacking Gabrielle, and attacking Top Secret Writers for the publication of this article.

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