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Once we were in the basement, the Master led me over to a massive post that had a small ledge just chair height.He jerked me over to the post, leaned my back against it and pushed me down so that I was sitting on it.I was stunned, saw stars and welled up with emotion as the glove stung my face. I began to choke and gag as my body pressed against the restraints, wanting to hurl. He fucked my throat deep, over and over until I stopped gagging and took it.The motherfucker slapped me, right on my left cheek. I looked straight ahead, trying to hold back tears, my face on fire. Eventually, he released my face as he continued to stroke my cock.He kept swirling his fingers around the tip of my cock over and over. I felt something long and plastic being shoved in my pee hole. I know it was too much water and that I didn't need it. He moved in front of me and attached a leather device around my balls and hung an empty bucket/pipe thing from it. The bucket slowly filled and pulled harder on my balls.

He reached under me and pulled off the small ledge that I was barely sitting on.

It began to swell harder and fatter than it was before.

The riding crop landed squarely on my balls as he moved his attention away from my thighs. Over and over with small taps, he beat one ball and then the other. I pleaded with him to spare my balls as I looked down at what he was doing.

He backed away, retrieved a riding crop, and then resumed beating my inner thighs more intensely, up one leg and down the other and then back again.

He focused on one spot several times with repeated beatings.

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