Free taiwanese sex chat rooms

You're about to discover a new world of companionship.

I’ve written before about how my blog is disgusting, but I’ve pretty much gotten over the fact that the vast majority of people who find my blog through Google are doing so to find some kind of sexual service in Taiwan or the Philippines; so it’s time to talk about Taiwan Strip Clubs and Lady KTVs.

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Sometimes, you might even get a blowjob, depending on how much of a gentleman you are.

In fact, I’ve gotten requests from people who want to know more about “how things work” here in Taiwan, most of whom are people who aren’t trolling for sex but are just curious, after reading this article about Whoring Around Asia.

I like to inform people of stuff and, since I have inside information a lot of other people don’t have, I’m happy to put out unbiased information on the subject.

You’ll pay a little more, but you’ll get far greater service. When you walk into a Lady KTV, you are basically served a buffet of girls.

Most Lady KTV don’t charge covers, though you are expected to buy a bottle when you walk in – that will cost you 00NT (~US). You can just walk in, buy a bottle of Scotch, point to a girl and say, “I’ll take her! Booths cost 00NT-00NT (~0-145US) for two hours, unless you’re going to crazy expensive places (like Gold Money Jaguar, where it can cost 000NT (~0US) for two hours).

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