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This was what they needed-Winston could now achieve the level of control he needed to subjugate her in the way she so blatantly needed.s face split from ear to ear in a grin that promised his ship had truly come in.

he opened his case and pulled out a large wad of cash.

His good friend Kenny had been busted by the narcotics squad and was headed for a spell in the pen.

He was a drug dealer with whom Winston did business, and the cash was the proceeds of a deal they had closed shortly before the bust.

Whilst not especially sexual,she is a bit of an exhibitionist.She hoped they enjoyed the view of her rear as much, as she ever so slightly wiggled her pert ass under her silk summerweight dress, hoping she hadnt overdone it and seemed flirty.She loved the flimsiness of summer clothes, but not for the first time thought that her watchers would have enjoyed the view that much more in the winter, when she wore sheer stockings under her tight business suit, as she always did.Leroy had grinned from ear to ear as he had picked it up and discovered it was her bank book.Not her checks, but the credit slips that were used to pay into their joint checking account.

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