Error updating openoffice 2 3 1 for windows

Early versions of Open required the installation of X11or XDarwin (though the Neo Office port supplied a native interface).Versions since 3.0 ran natively using Apple's Aqua GUI.Presentation templates were available on the Open website.A database management program analogous to Microsoft Access.Org being the name of the associated local nonprofit from 2006.The mission of Open is to create, as a community, the leading international office suite that will run on all major platforms and provide access to all functionality and data through open-component based APIs and an XML-based file format.Sun submitted the format to the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) in 2002 and it was adapted to form the Open Document standard in 2005, It was made Open's native format from version 2 on.Many governments and other organisations adopted Open Document, particularly given there was a free implementation of it readily available.

The Open API was based on a component technology known as Universal Network Objects (UNO).It consisted of a wide range of interfaces defined in a CORBA-like interface description language.Open 1.0 was criticized for not having the look and feel of applications developed natively for the platforms on which it runs.A presentation program analogous to Microsoft Power Point or Apple Keynote.Impress could export presentations to Adobe Flash (SWF) files, allowing them to be played on any computer with a Flash player installed.

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