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It will include information and links to help riders pass the brevet successfully. In the 2014 season there will be a 1200 km brevet in Israel for the first time ever. We've had a 1000 km brevet twice in the past, and there is a brevet series every year since 2006 (except 2008.) For ISR multi-continent chasers - This brevet is in Asia! Please refer to the 2014 season Brevet Series post for general information about the brevets in Israel.- - Route, as of September 2013, subject to change: The route will start and finish in Tel Aviv (Around N32.1035743 E34.7770494 ) on a Tuesday evening, finishing on Saturday noon.

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As noted above: Bikes go free on the bus and train, so you could take your bike and ride around these places, but I wouldn't recommend riding in the big towns if you're not familiar with "Mediterranean Driving" (if you know what I mean...

Handling fees for LRM registration are 40 NIS (about 11 USD, 8 EUR, 7 GBP) per rider.

Handling fees are to be paid within 48 hours after the successful finish.

3) Tel Aviv Sleeping Options: Tel Aviv has a full range of accommodation options. The northern part, towards the Yarkon River is a little more quiet, and it gets busier as you move southwards towards the center.

4) Visiting Israel: If you have never been to Israel, and have some time to spare, I would recommend visiting these places as well: Sea of Galilee, Haifa (and the Bahai Gardens), Nazareth, Jerusalem.

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