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A direct walk to the north back to Bagdad would take me through the active uprising area.

I probably couldn't get through there alive with an entire company for escort.

Suliman's - An erotic school in Turkey that turns out exquisite courteseans whose skills are indicated by the color of their silk neck ware.

These are not usually slaves or bound women and are known as silk girls. Tarkan's - A slavery, also in Turkey, where any and all kinds of women are collected, bought and sold.

Going around to the east was unknown territory for me - I would have no idea which of the few towns were friendly and which were not.

A detour in a big circle to the west would be much safer, but I knew for a fact that there were no sources of water in that vast desert that I could find and seven canteens would take me only a part of the way. At the Saudi border, directly south, was a series of unnamed and shallow water sources.

It didn't take but a few seconds of observation to see that none of them were in any condition to be assisted by me - in fact, it would take a coroner just to determine who was who. I knew that whoever shot the missile (or round, or rock or whatever got us) would soon be along to make sure the job was completed. My bandolier was still around my neck, so I looked for and found what appeared to be a serviceable M-4 rifle.

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On an impulse, I grabbed the tarp that we used to keep flying sand out of the ready ammo.I could barely make out the remnants of the smoke from the crash far in the distance, but still no movement.That was puzzling - there was no way that the bastards that shot us out of the sky wouldn't check for survivors. Maybe the chopper had had a major malfunction and just suddenly crashed.The problem with that theory was, that if I waited by the wreckage for rescue, and, if I was wrong, I was dead.As I watched over the horizon for any movement, I ran over my few options.

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