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This is a massive update/change, so you are highly encouraged to read the FAQ/Instructions page first.Future Steering Poll Refer to https:// Options to explain in more details as well as to include the initial list of Pros/Cons comparison.More polls will be coming in the upcoming weeks (at the close of this one) to further help steer this system to better fit everyone within this community.We're constantly adding new exclusive videos to Katie Thomas. A membership to Katie Thomas get you access to all 23 sites in the Dogfart Network. Click here to download all of Katie Thomas's Interracial Encounters!You might be able to find a few networks out there that update as frequently as Dogfart (there aren't many) but none of them are focused on IR entertainment like we are!And none of them have interracial foot fetish sites.Currently live in Austin Texas but travel quite a bit.

Positive comments are always welcome but if there are none then please keep all critisism constructive and respectful.Since then, the mission of the site has evolved to one of education, empowerment and encouragement.Cuckold Marriage Info also seeks to correct the misinformation online about the lifestyle.You will get files that look so clear and crisp you'll think you're actually there!If you're browsing from your tablet or mobile phone, don't worry!

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