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While sources were relatively happy with the allocation process, many felt the system “could be improved.” One reckoned: “As the intake gets bigger it's becoming more difficult to allocate everyone their first choice.” Several also commented that “there used to be an emphasis on seniority when it came to prioritising preferences but it seems like they've back-pedalled on that.” A couple of years ago the firm overhauled its overseas seat system; trainees now pick a practice area first and then rank locations where that seat is offered.

We heard a few gripes about the new system: “If several people have the same top choice, they pull it out of a hat.

Outward-looking they may be, but they're also keen to see the ol' homestead get some attention.On the lender side, clients include Goldman Sachs, Lloyds TSB and UBS, while Meridian Capital and Cabot Financial feature among the borrowers.Lately the team advised oil company Puma Energy on a roaring 0 million revolving credit facility in a deal spanning the UK, Europe, Africa, the Asia-Pacific region plus the Middle East and Americas.Fancy a flirt with Frankfurt or a séjour in Singapore? The firm stands out for offering every trainee an overseas seat: “It's not an option, it's an opportunity! So whether you end up doing six months in New York, Tokyo, Johannesburg or Moscow, it should be pretty clear that White & Case wants people with a certain international aspiration. Well, for anyone torn between a serious career and a desire to see the world should take a look at White & Case.

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