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Jesus had spiritually realized the germinal aspiration of his people, which was to raise the God of Israel..." Further evidence that Jesus did not envision a new religion was that he didn't claim one at his trial.

Had he said he was no longer a Jew and had launched a new religion the Sanhedrin wouldn't have had jurisdiction over him.

Subsection 3 presents the controversy around the Carmelite convent at Auschwitz.

Finally, Subsection 4 focuses on the issue of the Church’s approach to Judaism.

On the contrary, both remained dedicated to Judaism throughout their lives, as documented in the New Testament.Moreover, at the time of Jesus, there was no concept of a new religion.If Jesus had proposed a new religion he would have had few if any followers.This site is heavily dependent on the Fordham Collection, however, given its extensive resources in ancient and medieval history.Click on either of the underlined links to access the information.

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