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Sonny came to power young, and ordered several important mob killings around the time of Tommy Vercetti’s imprisonment that resulted in the great success of the Forelli family.

At the time of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Sonny is believed to have major influences in racketeering, gambling, unions, corruption, and prostitution, with growing interest in the narcotics trade.

When Tommy slaughters all of them, Forelli approaches one of Tommy’s partners, Lance Vance, and the two conspire against Tommy.

When it is learned that Tommy Vercetti emerges without the millions of dollars or the drugs he was sent to buy as a result of an ambush during a drug deal, Sonny is enraged and promises to kill Tommy if he does not get both the money and the merchandise back.

Tommy, at the end of the game, is shown to have become an extremely powerful figure in Vice City's criminal underworld.

He has established a powerful criminal empire, and he is shown to own a huge mansion, many businesses as fronts, and also has a dominating role in established drug trades in Vice City, while still retaining his well-known nickname, and his defeat of the Forelli family leader is the beginning of the Forellis decline in Liberty City.

Born Italian-American, he was raised in a small family as an only child, with his father owning a printing shop.

When he was a teenager, he befriended Sonny Forelli, who has been early involved in his family's activities, and he started working for his associates, earning his trust and position in the Forelli family.

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