Best places to pick up freelancer girls are shopping centers, cafes and nightclubs.

Price for all night with freelancer is around 00 pesos (US).

Make sure you hide your valuables if you take girls to your place.

In Bacolod, the good pick up malls are SM and Robinson's Malls.

If you have your own place, you can always ask a pedicab driver to deliver a whore to your room and this will cost $US 20-50 depending on how long she stays, what she looks and where you are staying.


There are approximately 500,000 prostitutes who masquerade as bar girls in the Philippines, and most clients are businessmen from East Asia or Western countries.

The first advantage to coming to the Philippines is that you don't need to know a second language to get around.

Therefore most of the girls in the bars speak English. It is a serious crime with penalties ranging up to life imprisonment for those involved in trafficking.

Sugarland Hotel also has a nightclub with the same deal as Goldenfield area.

Other than this the usual malls, restaurant and cafes are great places to pick up girls.

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