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Here are descriptions of ten applications representing different social media technologies that promote learning.Many of these tools and services are free or have a free trial period, which can encourage experimentation.Blogging to teach others is common in the public domain, but not so within an organization. This software provides a way to centralize and manage blogs within an institution by hosting them all on one domain.Although Edublogs seems focused on academia, its also ideal for other types of organizations due to its centralized control, privacy options, security features, custom branding and support.Users can create and join groups, connect with friends, display a profile, blog and microblog (similar to Twitter).

Internal experts could blog about their areas of proficiency.

Go To Meeting and Go To Webinar have proven themselves to be topnotch ways to collaborate, discuss and teach.

This is an easy way to initiate face-to-face collaboration through audio, screen sharing and now high-definition video conferencing.

This makes Elgg an ideal platform for learning and collaboration.

For example, a large organization with geographically dispersed offices can use Elgg on an internal server to introduce employees to each other and to share internal knowledge across offices; employees can use Elgg to create online study groups; and nonprofit organizations can build communities of common interest where members learn from each other.

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