Accommodating policy

Cultural production spaces, physical spaces, education spaces, social innovation spaces, technology and digital spaces, safe spaces, will all be examined to be understand the role of philanthropy in making them more robust.

GEF is an open and welcoming space, a venue for inspiration, imagination, and free expression.

Enjoy a workout in the fitness center, play a game of tennis or head to the hoops court.

After dinner, join us in the theater for movie night or drop by the Dungeon Castle Video Arcade.

Coincidentally – or consequently – we witness governments constricting those civic spaces available and necessary for healthy political debate, expression, and interaction.

Restrictions on freedom of expression and association allied to targeted discrimination and attacks towards specific societal groups are threatening inclusive and open societies.

It’s up to teachers, administrators, and district personnel to decide whether the good outweighs the bad. It’s difficult to be 100% for the use of educational technology all of the time, when there are so many convincing arguments against it.Most teachers find a happy medium with technology—it’s useful in some situations, but a distraction in others.Finally the conference will conclude with site visits to interesting projects and initiatives in Vienna on the 29...future editions of the Grantmakers East Forum?Want to strengthen and promote grantmaking initiatives in your region?

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